About Dr. An Pham

Dr. Pham has been practicing dentistry for over a decade with a majority of that time concentrating in dental implants. With over a 1000 implants placed, Dr. Pham has provided patients with renewed confidence and smiles to match their personalities.

Dr. Pham was born and raised in Houston, TX. He graduated from University of Houston with honors, magna cum laude and obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Baylor College of Dentistry. Thereafter, he expanded his knowledge in implant dentistry in a multitude of intensive courses such as the McGarry Implant Institute and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

What are implants and why?

Implants are titanium posts that act as your roots. Titanium is the same biocompatible material that has been used for hips and other joint replacement surgeries. There have been many advances in the last 50 years in implant dentistry and is becoming the gold standard in tooth replacement. Why is implant dentistry important and why has it become a crucial aspect of dentistry? As life expectancy increases, people want their dental treatments to also last. Implants give the most predictable result and one of the best long term treatment options.

Dental Trauma &
Broken teeth

Did you slip and fall? Did something hit you unexpectedly in the face? Did any other accident leave you with a broken tooth and embarrassing smile? Sometimes an unfortunate event can cause you to break or lose a tooth and the need to fix your smile is imminent. At Implant by Design, we specialize in removing severely broken teeth and replacing them immediately.

Bridge Vs Implants:

A bridge involves the teeth next to the space (adjacent teeth) to be involved for support. Although it can be placed quickly, it requires removal of a large amount of the protective coating of the adjacent teeth. This reduces the longevity of these teeth. Dental implants are independent of the other teeth and do not need to be supported by other teeth. Therefore, it is much more conservative and has better long term prognosis.

Failed Crowns/Bridges:

Sometimes it is hard to keep crowns and bridges clean. In these cases, decay can work around the edges of the crowns and bridges. This will lead to the teeth being eaten from the inside. In these cases, some dentists would recommend extending the bridge. This could lead to similar results, more decay around the edges of the new extended bridge and more aggressive drilling on good teeth. A more predictable result would be dental implants. Implants cannot have decay. Thus, the lower maintenance gives you a more predictable and long term result.

Loose dentures

Tired of your dentures?

You may feel insecure about your dentures and thus have a lack of confidence when smiling. Implant dentures (aka overdentures) can be a solution.

Over time, dentures will get loose which will require adding more material to prevent movement. In other cases, a loose denture is permanent. To prevent such loose dentures, several implants are placed. The dentures can then be securely “snapped” into place.

Another option is to get rid of dentures all together and have something that you won’t have to remove. A complete cosmetic implant smile is a solution for anyone who does not want dentures.

Full Cosmetic Smile

A complete cosmetic implant smile can give you the confidence and smile that you can be proud of. Some may have severe decay that leaves them without any teeth. Others are tired of their loose dentures. By placing 4 or more implants, then supported crowns and bridges above, patients have the option to have a smile, worry free of it moving and coming loose like dentures.


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